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"Bringing ALL together through music" Performance * Hosting * Workshops & Seminars * Networking

SoFF, although small has big ideas about your musical needs.
Bringing audiences and performers together.
Above are downloads of the famous SoFF Music Jazz Jam.
A blues featuring Chris Jerome on keys, Mike Searl on bass and drummer Robert T-shirt Fordjour.
Enjoy! Or better yet come join us!!!
See SoFF diary on SoFF jam session info.

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Please always check out our charity page to stay intouch with the most recent if our charity events and how you can be involved.

SoFF Music Jazz Jams or Live Lounges are perfect for your venue's weekly, fortnightly or monthly programming.
SoFF Music Steppers is a live music service (with or without vocals) for your event designed for dancing and keeping the flavour up tempo with ska, jive and bebop.

SoFF Bandanbar (say: band and bar) is our newest venture supplying exactly what it says to weddings' outdoor festivals and parties.
Our head barman and fully licensed bar manager will be happy to take you through
your beverage needs for your event. You'll also be able to discuss band configuration and musical duration to suit your budget.
SoFF is proud to provide Guyanese and Bajan rum cocktails, created by our bar team such as
'Rum Kick', 'Rum Slap', 'Mud Head' and a firm fave 'Lauren Spice'.
"Yum! Did someone say rum?"
SoFF workshops & seminars are available to all.
Church groups, schools, team building for your staff, even those who wish to take up singing with a group of like minded friends.
1-2-1 sessions are always available.
Testimonies from:
UK school inclusion leaders and TIMA. Tuscan Institute of Music & Art.

To make an enquiry email: or check the contact page to send a Facebook message.