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Lauren talks with TBITC:

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"Lauren posesses a powerful voice that conveys through her stories a sincere testament to the power of the human spirit" Vanessa Rubin

"A vibrant performer of lustrous textures and energy - imparts her own soul-jazz flavour and rich vibrato always pushing at the constraints of the pop-jazz techniques while holding the vibe!" John Fordham - The Guardian

"Watchout for Lauren, she puts me in mind of the Divine Sarah, singing with (nowadays) a rare blend of warmth, phrasing and feeling."
Alan Bates - Candid Records

" emerging force to be reckoned with in the jazz world."
Alex wilson - Pianist/Arranger

"A gutsy songstress breathing soul and class into standards." The Spitz - London

British born of guyanese parents, vocalist Lauren Dalrymple has been singing since the age of 8.
Initially singing in choirs in venues such as The Royal Festival and Albert Halls. She received intense vocal training, later going on to indulge in BV session work at the age of 18 before striking up the decision to go solo at the age of 19.

A chance meeting with Alex Wilson, back in 1993 ( BBC rising star winner 2001) was to be the start of a great partnership both writing and performing. Lauren features on Wilson's Afro-Saxon '98, Anglo-Cubano '00 and R&B Latino in '02, all of which she has written for.
Lauren has been the organiser of a jazz jam session in south London since 1998 and nearly two decades later it is still going strong, encouraging professional and amateur musicians and vocalists to network and work together in LIVE situations.

Credits to the cast of musicians that Lauren has worked with, read like this:
Alabama 3, Alex Wilson, Alabama 3, Robert Mitchell, Tomorrows Warriors, Daniel Crosby, Keith Waithe, Cleavland Watkiss, Gwyn J.Allen, Noel McCoy and many more including billing alongside Vanessa Rubin, Ruby Turner (during festival appearances).

International performance has taken Lauren to many venues and festivals, such as, Uanciufree Jazz Fest-Sardinia, Wiesen Fest,Austria, Sweden, Colombia S.A. Toros y Salsa in Dax,France, Jvaskyla,Finland, Tel Aviv, Israel and N.Y.USA. The importance of which meant that she toured with the internationally acclaimed Afro Cuban-all-Stars 6 months pregnant across Germany.

"If they let me I will do this forever no matter where my audience or my condition.
" - Lauren Dalrymple.